Who is Salem?

Salem is a Kensington-based millennial activist running for Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional district. He lives in Philly with his life partner, Zane, and his hairless cat, Chicken. 

What has Salem done?

Salem credits his political activism to two major factors: growing up poor and the Occupy protests in 2011. As a volunteer, he worked on Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign, as well as the Bernie Sanders presidential campaigns in 2016 and 2020.

Alongside local organizations, Salem has co-organized direct actions in his community, including protests against local luxury developments displacing residents in the community via gentrification, and a community protest that demanded the DA drop racist charges against a neighbor – which circulated a petition that gathered nearly 1,000 local signatures endorsing the community’s demands.

Most recently, Salem has been working on affordable housing projects and with food distribution for low-income and high risk residents in Kensington as part of his involvement with local activist group NSCAN.

Why support Salem for congress?

In addition to a history of activism and deep ties to the local community, Salem has earned a reputation as an unflinching firebrand in Philadelphia with his call-out tactics and willingness to disrupt the status quo. He’s made a habit of voicing criticism against not only the Democratic establishment, but also against political fundraising methods involving corporate PAC money and dark money. Salem will continue to fight for a system that benefits all of us – not just the 1%.

Join Salem in the fight for justice and equality.

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