Medicare For All

Healthcare is a human right. Everyone equally deserves the best quality healthcare that money can buy – with no cost to them. Every other industrialized country in the world offers some form of universal healthcare; it’s time for us to catch up!

We’re fighting for a public single payer national healthcare system that:

  • Automatically insures all residents
  • Covers ALL medical needs for ALL people (including any and all doctor visits, medications, and other medical expenses)
  • Requires no payment from residents (no monthly insurance bills, no out-of-pocket expenses)
  • Ensures personal medical care and housing arrangements for patients that need it (including those with disabilities or higher-risk)
  • Eliminates all previous medical debt for everyone
  • Increases the number of healthcare facilities in underprivileged areas, making healthcare upkeep easier
  • Provides universal transportation to and from any medical facilities or appointments for patients who need it

A Green New Deal

With less than a decade left to enact bold green legislation, we are at an existential crossroads. We can either allow the Earth to be destroyed by the fossil fuel industry, or we can fight to enact bold legislation to preserve the planet & life on it.

We’re choosing bold action.

We’re fighting for a Green New Deal that:

  • Transitions our society into a green society, including decarbonization & 100% renewable energy 
  • Turns the U.S. economy into a peaceful green economy, and actively works with other nations to promote peaceful green economies abroad
  • Regrows, restores, and preserves the environment
  • Ensures a just transition for all workers in the fossil fuel industry
  • Establishes clean air, clean water, green housing, & clean living spaces for all people
  • Eliminates & bans use of fossil fuels
  • Ensures free public transportation that is modern and environmentally friendly
  • Requires businesses, developers, and schools to go completely green and aids with that transition
  • Adequately and boldly ends environmental racism
  • Compensates and protects victims of environmental violence
  • Brings about just and green global trade, ensuring that all workers are protected from exploitation during the green transition

Housing For All

Housing is a human right. In the richest nation in the world, there is no excuse for our government to allow folks to face homelessness, risk of homelessness, housing discrimination, or financial exploitation for housing.

We’re fighting for a housing plan that will:

  • Make housing a constitutional right
  • Enact rent and mortgage control on a federal level
  • Require all housing to be safe and green, whereas all current homeowners and renters would have their current homes updated to be up to new code at no cost to them
  • Enact a Tenant’s Bill of Rights
  • Eliminate housing discrimination and environmental racism by ensuring that everyone has quality housing and banning business practices that have a negative impact on the environment, particularly around communities – especially those that are predominately BIPOC

People’s Bailout (COVID Response) 

The Trump administration’s response to the pandemic was a dismal failure, and the response from congress wasn’t adequate. Working class folks don’t have the time or money to wait for congress to finish fighting it out. If there was ever a time for the government to step up, it’s now.

We support a People’s Bailout that will :

  • Immediately enact emergency Medicare For All or similar single-payer healthcare for everyone in the United States
  • Grant a monthly $2000 stipend to every U.S. resident, and is retroactive back to January 31st 2020, when the HHS declared the pandemic a public emergency
  • Suspend rent, mortgage, & other utility bills for the duration of the pandemic
  • Suspend foreclosures, evictions, and other similar penalties
  • Ensure that all residents of the United States have safe and adequate housing, especially in the time of a deadly pandemic
  • Ensure that COVID-19 testing is completely free and easily accessible to all
  • Automatically cover all COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, & associated medical needs and costs
  • Provide quality face masks to all U.S. residents
  • Re-open closed hospitals under public ownership, and convert unused buildings into publicly owned hospitals as needed
  • Grant a stipend to cover funeral costs for families who have lost loved ones
  • Immediately increase minimum wage to a thriving wage, to be determined based on the cost of living 
  • Grant all essential workers a hazard pay increase in addition to an ensured thriving wage
  • Nationalize utilities needed for survival and turn them into a public service
  • Make high-speed internet a public utility and a human right, especially as we are in a time where many students are attending classes virtually and many folks now work from home

Racial Justice

We must address more than just wealth disparity – we must address racial disparities of wealth and income. Racism can only be addressed when it is recognized, and it must be recognized that it is rooted in the very foundation of our current justice system as well as our entire society as a whole. This is why we must overhaul our current racist and xenophobic system rooted in white supremacy, and reimagine a new system that is fair and just for everyone – not just the white and the wealthy.

We are fighting for racial justice that:

  • Ends the war on drugs, legalizing marijuana and expunging all records with associated charges
  • Eliminates cash bail and bans for-profit prisons
  • Abolishes ICE
  • Ensures an easier and fair path to citizenship 
  • Enacts stricter anti-racist laws
  • Ends racial disparity in our healthcare system 
  • Ends the racial wealth divide
  • Ends all mandatory minimum sentences
  • Adequately addresses environmental racism with a Green New Deal, including reparations for communities of color who have been impacted
  • End the practice of property taxes used as the determined funding for public schools and enact equal and adequate funding for schools
  • End discriminatory practice in financial services 
  • End voter suppression and gerrymandering, abolishing all voter ID laws and instate automatic voter registration, and make Election Day a national holiday 
  • Ensure that all residents have the right to vote – including all currently and formerly incarcerated people
  • Reparations for Black, Indigenous, and other disenfranchised communities
  • Demilitarizes & reduces funding for the police, while reimagining our community security systems & who runs them
  • Eliminates the police’s ability to self-investigate
  • Makes higher education tuition-free for all U.S. residents
  • Abolishes the death penalty