Healthcare as a Human Right

Every person deserves comprehensive healthcare, free at the point of service. We advocate for a Medicare-for-All system that covers all Americans. Health should never be a luxury.

Housing for All

A roof over your head should not be a privilege. We’re dedicated to ensuring affordable, quality housing is accessible to everyone. Through innovative housing policies and strong support for public housing, we’re committed to abolishing homelessness.

Economic Justice

We stand for a thriving wage, strong workers’ rights, and a robust safety net. Our economy should lift everyone, not just those at the top. Let’s empower workers and small businesses, and ensure that wealth is shared equitably.

Climate Action and Green Jobs

Our planet and our people deserve a clean, sustainable future. We push for bold climate action that not only safeguards our environment but also creates millions of well-paying, unionized green jobs and ensures a just transition for all fossil fuel workers.

Racial Justice and Equality

Systemic racism must be dismantled. We stand for reforms that address the inequalities in our justice system, education, and economy. We strive for a society where every person, regardless of race, can thrive.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Equality is non-negotiable. We will fight for the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals in all spheres of life, ensuring legal and societal protection against discrimination.

Foreign Policy for Peace

We believe in a foreign policy that prioritizes diplomacy, human rights, and supports the self-determination of peoples, including Palestinian liberation.

Championing Diverse Voices

We are dedicated to amplifying the voices of all marginalized communities and advocating for policies that ensure cultural respect, inclusive education, and economic empowerment. We commit to intersectional solidarity, recognizing the unique challenges across different identities, from the Romani and Latino to Black, Asian, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, migrants, and those with disabilities. Together, we’ll build a world that celebrates diversity as our collective strength.