Meet Salem: A Voice for the Working-Class

From the tough streets of poverty to the front lines of community activism, Salem Snow’s life is a testament to resilience and the enduring belief that change is within our reach.

Growing up facing a range of struggles like the biting cold of a home without heat to the instability of housing insecurity, Salem’s worldview was shaped by the harsh realities of systemic inequality. The Occupy movement transformed his youthful wishes for universal housing and economic justice into a political calling, igniting a fire that would lead him to the halls of social work and beyond.

Salem’s journey is rich with the tapestry of his mixed heritage and the proud defiance of an LGBTQ+ man who has navigated the complexities of identity, racism, and erasure. His lived experience in diverse, struggling communities instilled in him a deep commitment to racial and economic justice – a commitment that now fuels his campaign for Congress.

In his time as a social worker, Salem championed the needs of the most vulnerable, from ensuring healthcare coverage for children in the system to supporting veterans and families living on the streets. Serving the most vulnerable has kept Salem grounded and determination, with the hardships witnessed and faced building a resolve that has only grown stronger with each systemic barrier he’s sought to tear down.

Salem’s hands-on approach to change is epitomized by his grassroots work in Kensington, Philadelphia, where he delivered groceries during the pandemic and stood shoulder to shoulder with those struggling with substance use. His vision for PA-02 is of a community where power is returned to the people – where town halls and open phone lines replace bureaucratic silence, and where community outreach is not an afterthought but a foundational principle.

His policy agenda is bold and unapologetic, from fighting for ‘Housing for All’ to playing a role in the conceptualizing historic affordable housing legislation. He advocates for Medicare for All and champions worker-owned businesses as a path to economic liberation.

Salem’s election promises to be a seismic shift in Pennsylvania politics – dethroning a decade-long incumbent to make room for a leader with a proven track record both on the ground and in legislative chambers. As the potential first openly LGBTQ+ person elected to Congress from PA, Salem Snow isn’t just running for office; he’s blazing a trail for a future where everyone’s needs are met with compassion, dignity, and action.

Join Salem. Join the movement for a world that works for all of us.