About Salem

My name is Salem Snow. I’m a 29-year-old working class activist running for congress in Pennsylvania’s 2nd District. I grew up learning about climate change and watching those in power do nothing to address it. I grew up impoverished, and despite making all the “right” decisions (going to college, working hard, etc.), I still struggle. I have unpaid medical bills, student loans I’ve never made a single payment on, and I can barely afford my bills. My district has been struggling with mass gentrification that brought with it severe negative impacts for low-income neighborhoods like mine.

This isn’t just my story. It’s our story. Almost half of our population now earns less than $30,000 a year and 80% of us live paycheck to paycheck. 44 million of us are underinsured, while half of us avoid needed medical treatment because of the high cost. We have experienced 42 consecutive years with an above-average global temperature with rising sea levels, while those who govern us sit and do nothing.  Gentrification is displacing minorities and the poor while the developers profit.

None of this should be normal, especially for the richest nation in the world.

What we need in congress is not rich overlords acting in favor of corporate interests. We need working class people. We need teachers, restaurant workers, and those who have experienced the struggles of everyday people and will represent us. We need activists who will aggressively fight climate change, corporations, and the corruption that currently holds the power. We need regular people who represent the working-class and will fight for all of us to raise our standard of living. We need to take the power back. That’s why I’m running for U.S. Congress.